Thursday, January 1, 2009

Changes in Latitudes

Jia is thrilled with her new room (even though there is still major wall work to be done)

Thank goodness the long awaited Jonas Brothers Fan Club package has arrived, this has caused much strife and worry in our home.

Movin' on out!

Katie and Bennyfoo provide moral support in the moving process

Well, Drew was not happy just having household projects that involved 10 hour days for himself, he felt we all needed to get in on the action. As a result our house is upside down and no one is relaxed. Are we having fun yet?

Here is the plan: Anna is moving downstairs into the room that used to be my office, Jia is moving into Anna's room and my stuff...who knows????

Anna was thrilled to get the much bigger room with the pool view, but she is a little nervous downstairs alone at night.

Jia is even more thrilled. She hopped in her new bed the first night, came down the next morning for a box of cheese crackers and we didn't see her again till noon.

The ugly parts: finding spots for all my things, moving Anna's HUGE amount of stuff downstairs, painting Anna's formerly blood red room pastel pink and blue...but before that, the room needs to have the jungle border paper pulled off and sanded down. In between all of this we need to take all the Christmas stuff down before school starts on Monday....this is my husband's idea of a relaxing vacation (just as long as he can watch a bowl game each evening) The rest of us however had visions of sitting on the couch with a good book, shopping and going to the movies. I guess we will relax when we get back to school.

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