Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Tooth Fairy and Christmas Dinner

12/27/08 Jia shows off her first tooth (and chocolate face)

Christmas Dinner-Jia is tired of waiting (when the butter doesn't even melt on the potatoes you know things are going to be ugly)

Merry Christmas!

and a Happy New Year!

Anna is the tooth fairy!!!!! Who knew????

Anna on the computer, intently monitoring the Jonas Brother site

Don't know how happy Tink is with his new friend Bella, but she decided to nap with him and give him a hug.

This is our 3rd tree, it is a Mexican theme, tin ornaments collected from Mexico and pointsettias, which are a Mexican flower.

Anna pre-straightener, she has dyed her hair blue and purple (washes out in a few showers) that is why it looks so dark in these pictures. She is such a ham and Katie refuses to allow me to take a picture of her.

Beautiful Asian Eyes by Anna Parnham

Back again! We have been enjoying the last days of 2008. The big news: the tooth fairy finally arrived for Jia. Let me tell you she was less than impressed after Santa. I guess she is wondering who is going to show up next in the wee hours at our house. Will this lead to anxiety and therapy later on in life?

We have included some pictures of our Christmas night dinner. Not our best culinary effort. The rolls were good, everything else had a problem, but who cares we were together, we had fun and we had plenty of dessert.

The rest of the pictures are just Anna and I playing around with the camera. Thanks for looking.

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