Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bennyfoo Goes Shopping

Bennyfoo visited Petsmart to check out the harnesses today.  A good time was had by all.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Some more pictures from the Parnham Fashion Show!


Our Beautiful  Fashion Models...
 Katie bought this outfit for Jia

 Stop fooling around!
 Katie found an elephant shirt (her favorite animal)
 Anna bought this outfit for Jia
 Anna found a giraffe shirt (her favorite animal)
 A kiss for Fabian
 Jia's shirt that her Daddy got her in Disney World
 Katie with an executive look
 Anna in Egyptian mode in her sweater in case there is a cool day in Orlando
 Tee Shirt from one of Katie's favorite shows
 Katie practicing her zombie walk for "The Walking Dead"
 Jia in a cute ladybug outfit
 Anna's favorites-ripped jeans and striped shirt
Now all she needs is a cardigan
 Katie with JEANS!
 Jia in her Gymboree Undersea outfit
 More stripes, more ripped jeans
 Jia with a super cute Bennyfoo pug shirt on
It has lace and the eyes are buttons
We made the lady in Gap Kids take it off the mannequin
 Peace shirt and, you guessed it, ripped jeans
 My pretty girls in more pretty clothes

 Anna in a dressy shirt and her jeans staple.
I am working on talking her into a couple of pairs of pants without holes
 Side view-pretty Anna
 Jia in a jeans jacket and a Kitty tee
 Katie trying to get casual, but she still has sequins and jewels on her straps
 Hello Kitty shirt and Jia showing off her muscles

 Anna and a cute shirt, with lace jeans

 The Beautiful Twins
 Very pretty dress
 Jia's sparkle shoes
 Katie's sea green dress
Photos taken by Fabian. I am downloading in no particular order, but if you can believe it, they still need a few more things.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Every year since Anna and Katie started school we have had the tradition of getting the school supply list and hitting the HUGE sale that Target has going on at this time of the year.  This year we had Jia's list, Jia's teachers wish list, college supplies and college dorm stuff, we were thankful to have Drew and Fabian to carry the big stuff.  When we get home, Jia waits patiently (not) for Katie to write her name on everything (Katie has wonderful writing).

 Getting the school supplies ready
 The sisters who have a love/hate relationship (mostly love)
Also a pictures of Drew with his grill.  We are all enjoying his cooking.
Drew's GRILLMASTER t-shirt was a present from Fabian.