Friday, July 6, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Random Pictures

 Jia loves her Daddy so much!
 Katie going to a Graduation Party
 Anna's dog, Lola
 The Cutest Couple in the World!
 Tink, staring at Katie's Picture, he is going to miss her so much!
 crazy child Pt #1
 crazy child Pt #2
 Crazy Child Pt #3

 Here she is again
 Jia's 9th Birthday
(the BIG day was at Disney World)
 Waiting patiently for more presents
 Katie painted this sign for Jia's bedroom
 Daddy reading his father's day card from Jia
 Jia got an IPOD watch
 Jia's Red Velvet Coldstone Cake
 BennyFoo is still waiting for his acceptance letter from Stetson
 Anna at the Georgia Aquarium
 This is what we think of the Gators now
(Georgia  Aquarium)
 Fabian getting impatient at the Atlanta Airport
 Anna at Katrina's 18th Surprise Party
 Can't lose a moment texting Fabian
 4th of July
 Anna hoping she doesn't set herself on fire
 Jia's pretty smile on the 4th of July

Anna got a fancy camera for her graduation, which seems like I would have been posting pictures like crazy....well not so much.  Between all the comings and goings around here, getting ready for college, Anna's trip to Atlanta...etc.  Plus, I didn't know how  to hook up he camera to my computer. So I will try to explain each one as I go in no particular order.

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