Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Out at Sea!

On Sunday, February 19th our relatives from Canada came down to visit us (Auntie Shannon, Uncle Doug, Mitchell, Jake, and Shane). We had a hard time deciding what to do while they were here but luckily my mom came up with the PERFECT idea! We went to Key Largo and went on a glass bottom boat at John Pennecamp. It was a lot of fun! The water was so beautiful and there were a lot of animals to see in the water! We had a lot of fun with our relatives and it was great to see them! P.S. Yes, Fabian did come with us :)

--Anna :D

My Silver Knight Project!

On Friday, February 17th my sister and I went to Silver Palms Elementary, our old school and Jia's current school, and taught a 5th grade class how to write a children's story. We taught Ms. Padron's 5th grade class, Katie had her when she was in 5th grade.

We brought in little story books so the students could draw and write a story for their reading buddies. I provided a questionnaire that the kids could fill out so they could get an idea for their story.

I had to do this project for my Silver Knight nomination that I received for Journalism. I am representing my school in this category. My mom came up with this project and I got in contact with Ms. Padron about actually doing this project and thankfully, she was thrilled and excited about me doing this with her class. My dad ordered the books for me and on Friday my sister and I went to the school.

In regards to my Silver Knight nomination I have an interview on Thursday with members of the Miami Herald and I will be asked all kinds of questions about my project and my journalism experience.

--Anna :D

Valentine's Day!

On Valentine's Day my boyfriend, Fabian, bought me a huge white bear that says "Be Mine" on the heart and he has heart paws. He also got me Ferrero Rocher (which are my favorite!) and wrote me an incredibly sweet card that is being displayed on my dresser!

I got him a giraffe stuffed animal and Hershey kisses and wrote him a card as well :)

Also, during the day he asked me if Katie had a valentine and when I told him she didn't he bought her a rose :)

--Anna :D



I will be posting a couple of events that have occurred over the month. I hope you enjoy!


Anna :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anna and Me

I feel so ashamed. As I previously wrote, I took all three girls and made them "mini gators" from the time they could realize and I was wrong, so wrong. The very, very last thing in the world I wanted to do is hurt one of my girls. I am so afraid this will put a taint on the end of her high school career, which should be so much fun. I can excuse it by the fact that I was never a Mother before and didn't have a good role model, or I have a messed up way of looking at things, or the fact that in 1979-1982 I loved the place because I had a boyfriend there that I visited, and it was a safe place. I never went to school there, but by the way I carry on everyone would think I did.

I feel directly responsible for hurting one of my children, and that is the worst feeling in the world. .

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Interview!

Dad's Super Bowl Commercial!

When Dads Away or We are off the Super Game!

Note from Jia this morning

They should have put Timmy on one of the teams playing,
now he has to play football with his broncos


Jia's tooth fairy present

Anna and Fabian

Here are some of the goings on at the Parnham home when Dad is away