Friday, March 16, 2012

Arts and Crafts

Anna is in New York and I am going to let her tell her story, meanwhile Anna and Katie (who often clash) did some arts and crafts while Drew and I where at a hockey game. Helping them was Ellen's doggy Sunny who is a frequent visitor to our house and we love her. When she is here she just fits right in as you can see.

Our next couple of entries will probably mixed up as we have pictures on my camera, Drew's phone, Anna's camera and the heavy duty Flanagan High School camera.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Girl With the Dragon Dress

Jia got this very Chinese style dress. You can't really see the dragon from my pictures but it is very cute.

Stetson Accepted Student Meet and Greet

Obviously Katie wouldn't let me take the camera to this even. I was also briefed as to what I could and could not say. For me it was a very limited evening.

The event occurred at a restaurant on the east side of town, the South Florida Admissions counselor was there, and when she saw Katie she said "Katie you are one of the few people I always keep in contact with."

Being shy, it was difficult for Katie to mingle, as I was told I could not help, things went slow. Luckily there was a student ambassador there, someone who already goes to the school. I asked her if she would take Katie and help her meet some people. I'm the Mom, I'm allowed to worry, right?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Jeanie

My beautiful friend Jeanie Rogers suffered a major heart attack that has put her into a coma. Jeanie has been declared brain dead and they will remove life support sometime tomorrow.

Jeanie was a gentle girl who was extremely kind and will always be in my heart. I cheered with her 32 years ago in boarding school, the amount of emails and phone calls amongst her Florida Central Academy family has been astounding.

Please say a prayer for Jeanie (even though most of you never knew her) as she travels home to our Savior. I pray this in the name of Jesus.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Anna in a Dress!!!!!

Anna went to her Silver Knight interview yesterday. For those of you who don't know, this award is sponsored by The Miami Herald and schools pick their top students in 14 categories. Anna was nominated in the Journalism category. This is an EXCEPTIONAL honor. She was nervous, but when she came out she thought she had handled the interview well. There is a Silver Knight awards ceremony on May 17th. This award is tough, only 2 students from Anna's school have ever even won an Honorable Mention. She will be recognized in the Flanagan Senior Awards nigh (along with her sister Katie). BUT the most important thing is ANNA IS WEARING A DRESS!


Pond in front of the library
a lot of kids were studying here

another picture of the pond

Drew in front of the library
and the pond
okay we really liked that pond...

Look Anna , some bikes!

The Welcome Center
Not as welcoming as Stetson but O.K.

Shuttle buses

the Library

another pic of the library

Look, Anna, bikes!

And yet more bikes-wonder who they belong to?

This is like a little shopping mall
it includes a Barnes and Noble
school book store
Student Financial Center
a bank
smoothie place...etc.

There are some bikes!

walkway to food court

food court

this girl looks like she raided a costco, she is in front of one of the dorms,
which by the way,
have weekly maid service
Anna's eyes lit up when she heard that!

Kids going to the beautiful recreation building
Drew has some big drawn out story about how
Michael Jordan had this built
When his son went (and played basketball)
at UCF
something about shoes...
You know how your eyes glaze over when your husband starts talking about sports
It's kind of like when you drag them to the mall

Okay, here is one for the ladies
the style here is for girls to wear Vera Bradley backpacks
Anna was horrified
does not fit in with her bohemian style...
Maybe Katie, they are big at Stetson too
in fact both schools have a Vera Bradley section in their
book stores.
Okay, now I have made the guys fall asleep

And last, but not least, two ATM machines standing together

It's Lesa, I am back for this post. I am going to try to explain the University of Central Florida pictures. The funny thing is that Anna hasn't been there yet! Drew and I took Katie to Stetson for her overnight stay. They whisked her away and we didn't see her again until the next morning.

So Drew and I decided to drive to University of Central Florida and check it out. The two schools though VERY different are only 40 minutes away from each other. We did not take a tour as we will do that sometime this month with Anna but we walked around to get a feel for the place.

In my pictures you will see numerous pictures of bicycles. Anna is too cool for a bike and insists she won't need one. HAH! wait until she gets there. They even have bike permits there are so many.

Ps. I have a brand new bike that I have never used in the garage....