Friday, March 2, 2012


Pond in front of the library
a lot of kids were studying here

another picture of the pond

Drew in front of the library
and the pond
okay we really liked that pond...

Look Anna , some bikes!

The Welcome Center
Not as welcoming as Stetson but O.K.

Shuttle buses

the Library

another pic of the library

Look, Anna, bikes!

And yet more bikes-wonder who they belong to?

This is like a little shopping mall
it includes a Barnes and Noble
school book store
Student Financial Center
a bank
smoothie place...etc.

There are some bikes!

walkway to food court

food court

this girl looks like she raided a costco, she is in front of one of the dorms,
which by the way,
have weekly maid service
Anna's eyes lit up when she heard that!

Kids going to the beautiful recreation building
Drew has some big drawn out story about how
Michael Jordan had this built
When his son went (and played basketball)
at UCF
something about shoes...
You know how your eyes glaze over when your husband starts talking about sports
It's kind of like when you drag them to the mall

Okay, here is one for the ladies
the style here is for girls to wear Vera Bradley backpacks
Anna was horrified
does not fit in with her bohemian style...
Maybe Katie, they are big at Stetson too
in fact both schools have a Vera Bradley section in their
book stores.
Okay, now I have made the guys fall asleep

And last, but not least, two ATM machines standing together

It's Lesa, I am back for this post. I am going to try to explain the University of Central Florida pictures. The funny thing is that Anna hasn't been there yet! Drew and I took Katie to Stetson for her overnight stay. They whisked her away and we didn't see her again until the next morning.

So Drew and I decided to drive to University of Central Florida and check it out. The two schools though VERY different are only 40 minutes away from each other. We did not take a tour as we will do that sometime this month with Anna but we walked around to get a feel for the place.

In my pictures you will see numerous pictures of bicycles. Anna is too cool for a bike and insists she won't need one. HAH! wait until she gets there. They even have bike permits there are so many.

Ps. I have a brand new bike that I have never used in the garage....

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