Thursday, December 25, 2008

More Pics With My New Camera!

Anna and her garbage bag, Just what she wanted for Christmas!

Katie and Dad putting their "BIG" gift together-Rock Band, there goes what little peace and quiet we ever had here.

Anna: up close and personal, playing with the zoom.

Jia reexamining her loot.

My chubby little Tink having a Merry Christmas

Jia, Mom and SpongeBob, a heartwarming Christmas picture.

Anna showing off her "Obama in the House" shirt.

Daisy's 13th Christmas

Katie hard at work with her drums.

Tink and Josie, I wonder whose big ugly foot that is?

Uh, oh here we go, Rock Band girl getting warmed up.

My wonderful Christmas present from my family was a brand new upgraded camera with a great zoom. This is the perfect present for me as I really love to take pictures of my girls. So here are more pictures, these with the new camera .

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