Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas from the Parnham Girls

Jia's first glimpse of Santa

Jia and the Clauses (?)

At this point Jia decided to join them at their table

My best Christmas gift ever!

Santa's Midnight Snack (yes, that is beer)

Dad and his girls

My beautiful girls

Okay, Jia is all set!! See you in the morning...

LUKE 2:10

First of all we would like to send all of our love to our families in Georgia, Arizona, Calgary and Pennsylvania on this most joyous of holidays. We wish we could be with each of you on this wonderful night.

Secondly, we would like to thank our Lord, Jesus Christ, for the most wonderful Christmas gift we ever received, two years ago, our littlest daughter Jia-Li.

That being said, let me tell you it was little Jia's night. One of our Christmas Eve traditions is to eat dinner at the Macaroni Grille. Why? I don't know, but we have been going there since Anna and Katie were very small.

Last year we went there and Santa and Mrs. Claus showed up for dinner. They come over to our table and Jia howled, she was terrified!

This year, same time, same place, same Santa and we couldn't get Jia away from him. She had to keep going back to his table, waving to him and pushed a grown man out of the way to give Mr. Claus a hug. That child wants to make sure the Hannah Montana guitar is under that tree. (hint: it will be)

Side story: Drew asked Jia today how Santa was going to get into our house as we don't have a chimney. Without skipping a beat and as calm as can be Jia replied "he has the key" and went right about her business!

Anna is like a big kid, she is probably going to be up all night trying to get me to let her open her gifts early. Katie takes the whole thing more in stride.

I have a bunch of cute pictures, I hope you enjoy them. Please visit the blog again tomorrow night to see how the festivites played out.

From our home and family to yours we wish you a blessed Christmas day and PEACE in the coming year.

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