Monday, December 22, 2008


Christmas presents from Auntie Jen and Uncle Craig & the girls

Katie's Spanish class pays off!

A lot of excitement around here! Not only have Anna and I shopped ourselves out, Drew is going crazy trying to find home improvement projects. (If you know Drew you know that he can not sit down even for a minute) And Jia is bursting at the seams waiting for Santa Claus.

We had a nice special delivery today--a box full of holiday gifts from Craig, Jenny, Lav, Gabbi and Piph. The girls were really excited and both Anna and Katie immediately put on their birthday jackets and wore them to the movies--they LOVED them. We love you all. Maybe next year we can spend the holiday together???

Jia has HUGE news, she is very excited because if all goes well Jia will get her first visit from the tooth fairy before Santa shows up at our door. She walks around wiggling the tooth and showing us about a dozen times an hour.

I will post again tomorrow!

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