Friday, January 16, 2009

So much to blog little time!

Jia's Kindness Award

Jia actually directed the next couple of pictures, we have come a long way!

My Asian Princess

Jia and Mom

Okay, due to circumstances beyond my control I am about to become a blogging machine! So if you like to follow our journey through life, keep on scrolling....

It's Friday, here is the plan: We withdrew Jia from Lakeside Elementary and enrolled her in Silver Palms Elementary (the school that Katie and Anna went to which is right behind our house) Why? a multitude of reasons but the bottom line was Jia was not getting her needs met. Some of my pictures are of Jia holding up an award that she got before she left Lakeside. Broward County does something called "Kids of Character" and there are different character traits highlighted each month. Jia won the award this month for "Kindness."

Also tonight is little Jia's first soccer game, so eventually there will be pictures of that (although it is kind of rainy.

Katie and Anna are off to one of their friends Mothers wedding (did you get that? ) I have some beautiful pictures of them on the way out the door. Amazingly, when we went dress shopping they decided to buy the same one and dress as twins. Teenagers! I have been with them in one way or another for 23 years and I swear I can't figure them out.

Anyway, I am going to post some pictures now, and then more later on when Anna comes home to help me out with the camera and the computer...

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to hello & that I love your blog (and your cutie pie kiddos) and that I also live in Broward County! Small world...

I've been following your story since you were in China bringing Jia home and I just realized today that we're neighbors (kinda)! AWESOME!