Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Author Anna

Anna-ready to conquer the world!

Our Irish Rose

The Parnham Girls plot world domination!

Anna came home from school yesterday very excited. Anna is the only 9th grader in her Yearbook class. They don't usually let 9th graders participate, but with a glowing recommendation (not to mention an award winning 8th grade yearbook) from her middle school Journalism teacher, they took Anna.
Yearbook quickly became Anna's favorite class and she has been very dedicated to the huge undertaking of creating a yearbook for a school that has 3000+ students. Yesterday Anna's yearbook advisor announced that they were going to choose a new company to produce next year's book. She chose 3 students to go to the presentations and interview the companies that are trying to get the contract. One of those 3 people is our amazing Anna!!!!!!!!!! (The other 2 girls are next year's Editors.) What an honor (well deserved in my opinion) for our hard working girl!

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Mama Rita said...

How proud I am of our little Lily (Anna)!!!! You were special from the moment I held your tiny little precious body in my arms and you snuggled in and . . . . SCREAMED!! HA! I knew you would have lots to say to the world always. I'm happy to see you putting it to such positive use. What a treasure you are to me. Thank you for letting me stay connected to you! Give my love to Katie (our Laura) and your family.
MUCH love, Mama Rita