Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aggggghhhhhhhh The Jonas Brothers are coming!

For all of you that do not have a young teenager living in your home there are 2 things going on right now. The Beatle-like phenomenon of The Jonas Brothers (the paint on my wall will never be the same from the sticky-tac used for all the posters.) If you are not a Jonas Brothers fan, the other big thing is the Twilight book series.

Well lucky us, we have one of each. Katie goes to Barnes & Noble at midnight for each new release of the Twilight books (and this week the DVD came out, so I wonder how many times we'll be seeing that)

This post however is about Drew, Lesa, the Broward County School System, 4 or 5 of our closest adult friends, AT&T and a HUGE panic. Here is the story:

Anna is beyond crazy over the Jonas Brothers. They are coming to town. She made arrangements to go and told 4 of her friends not to worry she would order the tickets and they could pay her later (at $100 a ticket...did I mention to you that Anna's last name is Trump?). Now here is where the story gets interesting. Tickets went on sale yesterday (Monday) at 10:00 a.m. 2 days before midterms at Flanagan High School. So Anna decides to rely on Drew to buy the tickets.

At 9:45 a.m. I get a frantic call from Drew, not only is the server down at his school, but he has called a bunch of our friends at other schools and the entire Broward School Board is "down". So I run into Anna's room (a place I usually try to stay far, far away from) log on to the computer and guess what----AT &T is down!!!!!!!

Now we have visions of 5 girls with their hopes and dreams totally crushed as all of their other friends go to the concert and leave them at home to listen to the CD-and of course it would be all Drew's fault. Sooooo, Drew goes "old school" picks up the phone and starts dialing, over and over. FINALLY at 10:40 Drew gets a real live person on the phone and the tickets are purchased! Whew!!!!!!!! A quick text message to Anna and 5 girls are very happy, Now we just have to get our money back.....

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