Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nona & Grandpa are the best!!!

A very excited Jia

Jia opening her "many things"

Jia is thrilled! She took her wallet and fan to school today to show her teacher

Hurry Up Daddy

Katie and her pen, says it writes really pretty

Anna put her new pj's right on!

Anna's way cool Jonas Brother 3-d glasses

Jia and HER way cool Jonas Brothers 3-D glasses

Anna and Jia going on their date to the Jonas Brothers movie. They both have their tickets and their Jonas brothers t-shirts on

Katie baked red velvet cupcakes, Jia ate red velvet cupcakes

Many thanks from the girls to their Nona and Grandpa for the big box of goodies! Jia was so excited and she had to wait awhile to open it because Mom wasn't home yet.

The other pictures are of Anna and Jia. There was a Jonas Brothers concert movie that Anna was very excited to see. She was going to go with her best friend but decided she would rather go with her little sister instead. What a great sister moment!

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