Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life With the "G"

Jia making bookmarks

Josette showing Katie some love

Coco likes to sleep under the warm laptop

Snow skiing South Florida style

I don't like it, but a lot of times in our household the beautiful name of Jia-Li is shortened to Jia and now to just "G". When she wants to, she will tell you her name is Jia-Li Parnham or one of her other aliases which include Jia-li Parnham Cinderella Butterfly, Jia-Li Supergirl-Spiderman or Dr. House (watches too much grown up tv).

Anyway, due to our new circumstances, I am the one who is now taking the "G" to school AND picking her up.

I am the most anti-morning person you are ever going to meet, and now that I am no longer drinking coffee or redbull it is a million times worse.

Jia on the other hand is very perky in the morning and slow as a snail...

This is NOT a good combo.

Here are some of our conversations:

Jia put your pants on"

"I not Jia, I Doctor"


"Ma, call me Dr."

"DR. put your pants on"

"You not Mom, you Ms. Lesa Parnham, Teacher"

"OK, put your pants on"

(finally I put Jia's pants on and we go downstairs)

"Jia, do you want cereal, waffles, poptarts, muffins, nutribar, or pancakes

"no, I pick"

10 minutes later she settles for waffles....

In the car...

"Mom, where Dad?"

At school.

Katie, Anna at school?



To learn,


to be smart.


Look Jia there are some ducks!

My name not Jia, its Dentist....

Luckily the ride is only 5 minutes, but God please forgive my sigh of relief when I receive a sticky waffle kiss and a "bye Mama, I lova you"


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Joe and Jane said...

Hi! I was just surfing and happened to come across your site. We also have a Jia from China and we also call her "G"! I try to think of it as "Ji" in my head though...makes me like it more. We've been doing it long enough that I guess her nickname is here to stay. Anyway, just had to comment!