Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jia Takes Canada!

 Hello Canada!
Jia hits the the Canada Olympic Park
She is in a bobsled from the 
Canada Olympic Park
(the winter Olympics were held here in 1988)
 Jia with the best Nona in the world!
 Jia showing the best Grandpa in the world how her computer works.
 Jia modeling her Monsters Inc. jacket
A big group of the Parnham-Harlton Clan
Jia with her cousins Jake and Shane

 Jia and her Uncle Doug on a chair lift
 Jia hit the top of the rock wall

 Jia and her cousins on the medal stand

 Jia hits the top of the
the Big Cheese wall
 A very serious conversation with Nona
 Jia and Jake at Calloway Park
 Jia and the first set of Parnham twins

 Jia, Shane, Mitch, and Jake

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Haddock said...

A multi-talented person I must say.