Friday, August 23, 2013

Katie Gets News!

As I may have mentioned Kate has been accepted into the Honors College at Florida  International University.  Katie didn't know until this week that all of her classes were in the mornings and two of them are online.
ANYWAY, when she found this out she went to all the elementary schools in the area and asked them if they had any "after care" positions, these are  young adults that work with kids until their parents can come and get them after work. With Katie's years of experience with children on the autism spectrum, and her desire to work with the younger children she was a "shoe in."  She went down to the Broward County School Board to be finger printed, they also checked her birth certificate,  diploma and driver licence.  They think she will start on Wednesday!  She will be at a school called Silver Shores which is about 5 minutes away . She will work 1:30 till 6:00.  As an aside, Jia is also in aftercare at her school Silver Palms.  It is not because we can't pick her up, but there is absolutely no children her age in our neighborhood, so my Psychologist recommended that it would be a great way for her to develop social skills.  She loves it and begs us to let her stay longer on Fridays.


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