Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anna'a Room-Living Large!

A few posts back I showed pictures of fixing up Anna’s new room at school, now I have finished products of her bedroom (I think the common area and the kitchen are too messy to take pictures of at this moment.)  This is a housing complex that is affiliated with the University, so her housing money covers it if she cooks at home as does her laundry if she does it  at home,that is how much the difference is!  Four girls live in each apartment, so Anna is living with 3 very good friends from her dorm last year.  Each room has a full bed and it’s own bathroom.  The apartment comes with a kitchen, dining room, washer and dryer, a living room and a patio. Because the complex is part of the University they have a resident assistant and building meetings.  There is also a 24 hour manned gatehouse.  The girls live on the top floor (that makes me very happy) Meanwhile Katie has some great news but I will let her tell you…for those of you who read our blog (and I hope you do) this giant segment starts with Jia’s trip to Canada, watch out, she has plans to move there now!  Love to all!

 Anna's full size bed
 There are little lanterns that go around the room 
the are pretty at night
 Cute sunbursts from Target
our favorite store
 This is Anna's own bathroom, 
each of the four girls have their own

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Debbie Sauer said...

Good thing that they all have their own bathroom! Big change from a dorm. Blessings