Friday, August 30, 2013


ANNA CAME HOME TONIGHT!!!!  She is staying for the long weekend.  Anna took the UCF bus.  Here are the texts she sent on the way:

--> dad-Where r u now?
anna-according to my maps we are 10 minutes to west palm
dad-Where r u now
anna-somewhere around delray beach less than an hour away
dad-We r on the way
dad-Where r u.  Do u know
anna-in between ft lauderdale and dania we are passing the airport!
dad-We r here.  We will wait for 10 mins then we r leaving. Hurry!
anna-we should be there soon!
dad-9 mins
anna-don't leave meeee
dad-It's only a short walk from Miami
dad-Where r u now?
anna-somewhere in Miami!
dad-Well that narrows it down. 

Says it all about Miami, but it was a very good day in Miami today.
Love my girl! 

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