Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thank You Aunties and Uncles!

Auntie Shelagh sent our Mom and Dad birthday money from the Aunties and Uncles. Of course, Mom did the shopping, but we wanted to show you what we got and say thank you so much!
(we got shelves to put multi-color canvas bins in for college, we also got huge picture frames we are going to use to make collages of our friends, families and pets to have for college, the third thing we go was an iHome which is a portable iPod dock which is also an alarm clock plus it charges your phone!)


Anna and Katie


Shey said...

Your girls seem so sweet! Jope you all had a great Thanksgiving! =)

Lesa said...

Shey, Thanks for following our blog. The girls are sweet beyond compare. I have NEVER heard a harsh word from either of the "big" girls and they are already past that early teen defiance time.

We are so blessed and thank God for this blessing every day.

Your sweet words mean a lot!