Friday, November 11, 2011


Katie at the very moment she was telling her Nona the wonderful news!

I am sure that most of you know about Katie and Anna's HUGE news as we thought that it was worth a phone call, rather than just a blog post.

Katie heard on Tuesday that she was accepted to Stetson University with a $21,000 dollar scholarship! This was her first choice school and she was ecstatic to say the least.

Later on the exact same day, Anna heard that she was accepted to her second choice school, the University of Central Florida in Orlando, very close to Stetson. This is where she will go if she does not get accepted to the University of Florida, UF does not make their decisions until February.They are a very good school, but in my opinion, a little cocky, even though I love it there. (GO GATORS!) The public universities do not give out scholarships until January, so we won't know anything about Anna until then. Both girls have applied for numerous small scholarships as well so maybe they will hear about some of them before that time. as I write this we still have not heard if Bennyfoo, the pug has been accepted into Stetson as well. lol.

We thank our families and friends for supporting the girls and being excited right along with us: All the Parnhams, the Sardachuks, the Harltons, the Parkers, Erin, and Ellen. Your exuberant responses meant a lot to the girls...

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