Friday, November 11, 2011

Best Friends...

These are our best friends or as the kids say (BFF"S) from Apollo. We used to get together for dinner once a month, but you know how that gets harder and harder. Drew and I have known these people for between 15-20 years. Ron, the man in the picture was my saving grace not only at Apollo, but he gave me my next job at Attucks Middle School and referred me to Walter C. Young. he also protected me from many bad moments in bad times. I owe him a lot.

Kathy, the woman in the black shirt with the sparkles is one of my best friends She is the one who planned Anna and Katie's baby shower.

Each of these people mean the world to me and have been good and supportive friends. Something to treasure....

Oh, and I cannot forget Ellen and my friend Sue, both of whom have saved me on many occasions.

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