Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween at Parnham South

Katie hates Halloween and will have no part in it
I kind of agree

Everyone had their jobs to do. Jia and Dad were Trick or Treating, Anna was dressed up and doing her Statistics in the back of the car while handing out candy, and Katie and I were in the house watching The Living Dead (she was watching it, I was sitting next to her to make sure she wasn't scared.
The sad Lesa had to think that this was the last Halloween that we had all the "manpower" to do what we did. Next year, someone will take Jia trick or treating and someone will pass out candy. Sigh....
Jia chose her costume-she wanted to be a dentist ( a horribly scary costume for me) Why? I have no idea. The good thing was she could wear her Dr. scrubs from last hear, she had a mask, goggles and a little mirror that Drew brought home from school and she was good to go. Jia doesn't really like candy. The Chinese side of her would rather have some noodles and soup, so she gave everything away to her sisters and her dad (okay, I may have had a kit kat or two).

Happy All Saints Day-In Mexico Dios De los Muertos sp?)

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Shey said...

hehehe I'm with Katie, we are not big fans of halloween so we just stayed home and did lots and lots of homework. =)