Monday, August 29, 2011

Jia's Scooter

Well, we are off to a great start with school. Jia loves, loves, loves Mrs. Flores, and she says she likes this year better than first grade, so that is positive.

The big girls are getting back into the swing of things. Katie is secretary for Invisible Children and secretary/treasurer for the National Honor Society. She has meetings after school every day of the week. Ms. Organization is updating and rearranging everything the officers did last year. She has done everything she needs to do to send her application to Stetson, she is waiting for one teacher recommendation and then she sends it off. Drew and I will be traveling with her on September 12th when she has her personal interview.

Anna is already busy working on the yearbook. They won a silver award last year and this year she is going for the gold. She JUST finished her college essay this weekend and was very grumbly (is that a word?) while she was doing it. UF doesn't have the personal touch that Stetson has so she will not have an interview, I wish she would but they are so swamped (no pun intended) with applications they could never interview everyone. Say a prayer for Anna the school is horribly difficult to get into.

To my cousin Kathie in Pennsylvania--so glad you didn't get the brunt of the hurricane and everyone is safe and sound.

The pictures are of Jia trying out her skateboard, she is a little cautious about skateboards, bikes, skates etc. (even though she has them all) but she came home from school last week determined to use her skateboard and learn how to jump rope (which her sisters will have to teach her, it's hard being almost 50 and not fall flat on your face jumping rope.)

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