Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011 Parnham Girl Fashion Show

The girls love to do a "back to school" fashion show for their Mom and Dad. I am proud to say they are bargain shoppers and are not swayed by labels (as I was when I was their age.) The big girls have a list of each outfit they are wearing for the first week, and I am pretty sure Katie made one for Jia too.

The big girls bought most of their thing in Canada, but they are also famous Target shoppers...

With Jia (as I used to do with Katie and Anna) I went online to Ebay and bought her brand new, with the tags still on, Gymboree clothes at a fraction of the cost. (I know if you are not a shopper, your eyes are glazing over right about now...)

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Melissa said...

How cool to live in a house full of girls! My little Sophia is already becoming quite the diva - yesterday, my neice helped her dress up as a princess, lip gloss and all. Beautiful girls (and that include their momma)!