Saturday, August 20, 2011

12th Grade pt 1

Anna and Katie were both in charge of different aspects of the "Freshman Invasion"
Anna and her friend Katrina manned the Award Winning Yearbook booth and spoke with freshmen who were interested in being in the Journalism class.
Katie was speaking to freshmen about the goal of becoming National Honor Society members.

The girls' schedules for the first half of the year:

Anna: 1- A.P. Statistics 2-Anatomy & Physiology Honors 3- A.P. English Literature
4- Journalism 4 Honors (Yearbook)

Katie: 1-Biology 2 Honors 2- Teacher Assistant 4 3- A.P. Microeconomics 4-Journalism Honors

In their A.P. classes they have a chance of getting college credit if they pass the exit test but it is quite difficult. They still get a 6.00 out of a 4.00 system if they get an A in the class.

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