Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jia's Meet And Greet

Katie, Natalie Flores (Mrs. Flores) and Jia
A great picture!

No, this is not a peace sign
this is Jia's 2nd grade sign

On Friday, August 19th Silver Palms Elementary had their teacher "Meet and Greet" They go to school, find their classes, find their desks, look around the classroom and meet their teachers.
Jia was so excited, she left a note on the kitchen island (where the "big" people leave notes) here it is: "Wake me up becaues I mite be sleep or awake becaues I be in my room becaues this is Jia handwite becaus it is not Mom handwite"
The greatest thing is not only did we get the teacher we asked for and she is wonderful. She is the teacher Katie had for 2nd and 3rd grade. Natalie Flores has become a family friend, and Katie and I even attended her baby shower. I have kept in touch with her through the years and now she will be little Jia's teacher! When we went into the class, Natalie had photos of all the classes she had ever taught on her wall, and there was my little Kate grinning in two of them. Jia was very pleased, she sits in the front row, she has her books in her desk and we have bought all her supplies. She is ready to go!

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