Monday, August 22, 2011


Jia making a kiss and showing she is in Second Grade

Second Grade Jia-very excited
The day lived up to her high expectations

Katie contemplating her future

My fashion queen

Anna and her unique style
(I'm not too sure I like the holey pants,
but they are the trend)

Anna loves to strike posses
Her shoes are really cute, they have little
polka dots that you can't see

The Women of Parnham South
ready for the new year!

My Stetson Beauty

My Gator Girl
And yes, her hair is purple again
only the underneath part this time
these small rebellions are fine because she is
such a wonderful young lady
(plus she always asks for permission first)

My little cutie pie

Mom and Jia going in to Silver Palms Elementary

This is Anna's furry giraffe bookbag
She wanted Nona to see it

Well, I didn't know if I would cry today or not, but we actually had kind of a silly morning. Jia was bouncing off the walls she was so excited. I tricked Katie and Anna by wearing a Stetson University t-shirt and when we took pictures I posed with Katie first, then pulled that shirt off and I had my University of Florida shirt on for Anna. Speaking of fashion, you will see by the pictures each of the girls have a totally different style.

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