Thursday, January 13, 2011


Anna always yells "MA-MA!!" whenever she comes home
or when she sees me from far away.

The Wound: Anna insisted we get gory here--perhaps for evidence later?

Lola-the culprit, this is her third bite, I am not pleased...

If you are a new Mother you are used to be interupted everytime you go near a bathroom. Not so much with teenagers-so when I was in the shower tonight and Katie comes banging on the door yelling (totally out of character for her) Anna needs you right away, she only wants you! Lola bit her and you can see the bone!

Well with a quick tee shirt thrown on I go flying down the stairs where my beautiful baby is standing by the sink with her Dad runnning cold water all over her hand. She has it in a towel so I can't see it, but she lets me uncover it (crying all the way) what I see is a puncture wound with a skin flap (no bone). I get her on the couch, breathing calmly, telling her the story when I almost cut my finger off (very fascinating, maybe another day...) and I send Dad and Kate out for medical supplies.

Meanwhile, my big giant girl puts her head on my shoulder and hugs me...maybe that is the tribute I was looking for in the past two blogs.
God is Great...


Debbie Sauer said...

The will always need their mom!! How is her hand? I hope it is healing. Blessings

Lesa said...

she says it hurts, but she played soccer tonight, so I guess she is okay.Thanks for the comment! I love her so much!