Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jia's Field Trip

Jia had her first field trip of the year. She had many orders for us, very specific:

1. She must wear her Mrs. Zelonka' Zoo Animal Tee shirt (her class shirt.)
2. She needed a jacket.
3, She needed her lunch in a Brown paper bag, not her lunch box, the brown bag needed to be stapled.
4. Her name had to be printed in big letters.

The class was going to a place called Flamingo Gardens, which is a wildlife, flora and fauna park. It has plants and vegetation that are native to this area, plus flamingos, alligators, snakes, owls, lots of birds, turtles. They put the kids in a tram and give them a tour.

We have a feeling that the biggest thrill of the day was riding the big yellow school bus! But Jia was thrilled and came home with a lot of cryptic information that we transferred the best we could.

Today we are taking the Christmas tree down. It is usually long gone by now, but I convinced them to keep it up a little longer. It was so beautiful!

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