Thursday, June 24, 2010

UF Sports

Class of 2016?

Will she or won't she?

Funny Faces

Tim Tebow's Promise

2008 National Champions

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Otherwise known as The Swamp

Tim Tebow's Promise Up Close
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This will be the last blog I will write about University of Florida as Anna is on the way home with her Dad. For those that don't know, University of Florida, along with being academically the best University in the state (very hard to get into.) It also has a phenomenal football program (basketball too.) Our family are big Florida Gator football fans. In the past few years we have also followed the Gator quarterback-Tim Tebow. If you don't know him, not only was he a team leader, but a Christian boy who went on mission's during his vacations. Last year there were speculations that he would leave UF to join the pro's He could have made millions on a pro team and endorsements, but has refused, came back to play and will not do anything that compromises his principles. He and some of his teammates traveled to local jails to spread the word of Christianity. He even convinced his coach Urban Meyer (another man we admire) to take his family on a mission. Tim won the Heisman trophy in his sophomore year and led the team to a National championship last year. So, these pictures reflect our admiration for this young man who was chosen in the first round to play for the Denver Broncos, our new favorite pro team! Next blogs I will turn over to Anna so she can tell you about her experiences!

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