Friday, June 11, 2010

Schools Out for the Summer!

Remember when you felt such joy????

My kids were awesome!

Anna: GPA: 4.3, Varsity Letterman Soccer, Assistant Yearbook Editor, Chosen to be yearbook Editor in Chief for next year (the school has over 3,000 students!) Scholarship to the University of Florida Journalism Summer Camp

Katie: GPA: 4.5, took Advanced Placement Psychology, PETA member, celebrating her 4th year as a vegetarian, HUGE book reader, member of Invisible Children Organization.

Jia: Moving on to First Grade and does not have to go to remedial summer school!



Mary McG in TN said...

Joy abounds! Nothing better than 2 months without teachers! (except their mom) LOL

Thinking back to a post that you did last summer ... I think ... the girls were sewing. Are they still interested?

Enjoy the commotion with all the laughter and fun.

Lesa said...

Hi Mary, Sorry I didn't get back to you on the other post, but I will.

Yes, they are pretty happy, they have been in the pool everyday!!

Mom the teacher may not give them much time to pursue their sewing, as they are learning to drive and have HUGE SAT books to go through, but maybe...
Hope you are having a great summer
and that you keep reading.

Mary McG in TN said...

I remember the SAT books! It was the morning of THE big test, Dyan is at the dining table studying while I fixed a nice protein breakfast for her. I commented that maybe she should just quit and not make herself nervous. I got THE look and the reply. :-)
When I picked her up from the test she said, "Mother you know when I was studying this morning and you told me to quit? Well, that math problem was on THE test." LOL

I read your blog regularly, but usually don't post. Keep pushing those girls, you are doing a great job!