Monday, June 21, 2010

Get Ready, Cause Here They Come

So Proud of my Baby Gator!

Dorms at University of Florida

Anna - don't know what the building is, but a pretty fresco

My girls at UF

Anna with her map

The Century Tower

You can tell we don't get out much, because we stayed in Gainesville overnight and we have enough pictures to fill two albums, not to mention the ones that Anna will be coming back with. For those that are new to the blog or forgot here is the story: Anna won a scholarship to the University of Florida Journalism Summer Institute. The whole family (YES, even me!) drove the 250 miles to drop her off.. On Friday we took an introduction tour because Katie had never been before. The moment we started the tour we were deluged with one of Florida's HUGE storms, so we really didn't see much. On Saturday, Anna didn't have to check in until the times of 1-3, so we took our own mini tour. After that we took Anna to register. She got an ID, a key, a tee shirt and a card to let her into the elevator in her building and her room on the twelve floor. Her room is a suite, she has a roommate, two suite mates and a common area with a table, fridge and microwave. She was nervous but excited. Today is Monday and she says she is having a great time, classes all day. Here are a few of the million pictures you will see within the next few weeks.

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