Wednesday, June 9, 2010


First Day of School


Today is the last day of school. As a teacher I usually feel a mix of elation and sadness. This time I'm sitting it out. I have been on disability since Christmas break . I was on disability last year too (from February until the end of the year.)

I went back to school this year with such optimism thinking everything was "fixed". I quickly learned that I was still so very fragile and that I would not be getting any support (rather a hard time) from my employers which just made everything worse.

So I sit here on the couch with my two chihuahua bookends, some may say that sounds great, but just for a moment or two I miss the tears, the happiness, the yearbooks, the parties and of course, the kids.

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Mary McG in TN said...

Teaching is not what it used to be, jumping through the hoops, copping with a non-responsive DHS, adminstration that requires this and that, and THEN there are the parents who do not have a high school education (maybe a GED) that want to tell you how to run your classroom. The stress is unbelievable!!!! I just retired after 35 years and I can finally look around and care about what I have not been able to do. The past 2 years I have required 9 hours of sleep a night. Now, 7 hours is great.

Please do not regret that you are not there. Yes, I will miss the students, as you do. The rest ... I believe there is a song that explains my feelings.

I was a second grade teacher and you are a high school teacher (if I remember correctly it is English). Your situation is totally different than mine, you have different stressors, but we are on the same page.

Relax and accept the situation. From the outside looking in, you are really in a better position. Enjoy your girls, know that you can attend their functions without outside stress, and please change their mind about UF ... I am all FSU!!! LOL

God Blles you and your family!