Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jia's Open House

Hi this is Katie! I wanted to share with everyone that Daddy and I went to Jia's Open House tonight. Mom wasn't feeling up to going.
At Silver Palms, we met Mrs. Castillo again for new information about her class and the school. At the Open House, we were told about Jia's upcoming field trip to a farm, the Fun- Friday activities, the new activity day scheldule, and how Jia is taking on a more "leader-like" position in the classroom. (I think she's just bossy). While looking at a poster up in the class, it showed that Jia has the 3rd highest amount of stars out of all her classmates!! Jia also created a picture of her favorite activity to do in school and she chose computers, including a nice picture of what looks like an oven. She also got some magazines for the book fair, and she has already started picking out the books she wants.
Mrs. Castillo told us she sees more confidence in Jia's attitude and work so far this school year. Jia's lucky she't got a teacher who cares so much about her learning!


P.S. I got contacts today! It only took me 30 minutes to get it. I'm a PRO! I'll post a picture soon.

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