Monday, September 28, 2009


I am a little late on posting this but as some of you readers may know, last Thursday was National Punctuation Day and in Yearbook we celebrated it. Our class was all decked out in hanging punctuation marks and my teacher, Mrs, Gomez, said that, "We put them up there to remind us to never leave anything dangling." When I walked into class the reporter and photographer were there and I whipped out my exclamation point and and was immediately asked about it and got my picture taken. Here is what my poster said, it was a love letter:
You express my strong emotion and help me convey my extreme feelings in my writing. My personality shines through when I use you and out of all other punctuation marks, you are my favorite. Don’t tell the rest but you are the most overused and when I write I always exchange them for you. I feel close to you and when I place you next to my words you light up my page and make it complete. If you did not exist my world would be dull and full of sadness. My stories would never be the same. Thank you for always being there to excite me and make me happy.

I love you,


After my newspaper debut was recorded we played a game. My teacher had thought up the idea to have a Punctuation Intervention and she made cookies with punctuation marks on it and the editor made punctuation deprived sentences. We then picked numbers and when it was called we had to be the Sentence Therapist and correct the sentences and complete the intervention.
All in all it was a really fun day and very creative.
For those who would love to read the article here is the link:
Anna :)

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Mary McG in TN said...

You are one talented young lady! I know that your parents are very proud of you. Save this for your college portfolio. I hope that you get a full ride to FSU. LMAO I know you are a Gator at heart! Continue to excel and never shut an open door.