Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not Ready for Martha Stewart...

Well, our sewing experiences have been...interesting. Hands down Katie wins the patience award and is at the head of our class. After our first very basic class we decided to "practice" with some fabric we had left over from Jia's 100 good wishes quilt. We encountered several (ok , a lot) of problems. 1. We didn't read the directions 2. We used printed material 3. We neglected to figure out that we had to cut each side differently. We had enough fabric to try twice (see pics) we were not successful with any.

Two days ago Anna and Katie went to the second class (I was having a bad day, so I missed this one) and they learned how to make tote bags.

Today our sewing machine arrived. Katie finished her tote back and made a great attempt at finishing our mistake-ridden dress.

All in all, we have been having fun with our new hobby. At our next two classes we are supposed to make a capri outfit...might have to pay Katie for mine.


Mary McG in TN said...

For the first time I think that you all did a fantastic job! The owls are right side up and that is good. Also, the model is one of the best!!! Keep up the good work and do not get discouraged. This is a wonderful hobby. You will find much pleasure in this.

Lesa said...

Thanks so much for the note Mary! The important part is that we are having so much fun together. But we are determined! xoxo Lesa

Sarah said...

This will teach you all so much patience, so making mistakes is a good thing! Keep trying! =) Sewing is a skill that will make your daughters unique compared to many other girls their age.

Lesa said...


We are still trying, we have one more lesson, bought some books and we are hoping that the classes will continue on a slightly more advanced level. We are all still excited, just a little frustrated, thanks for your words of encouragement.