Saturday, July 4, 2009


Ready to go-Bennyfoo hasn't been told he isn't invited yet!

Showing off her new outfit!

At the movies with Parker, they were both so happy!

Love from Jia!

Today was the big day for Jia. The Harrison family and the Parnham family went to see the movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" in 3-D. The bad news is that my camera battery died after I took 1 picture of Jia and Parker. Diane and Mark took more, so when I get them I will post.

The kids had a blast, Anna and Katie enjoyed it and Summer sat through the whole movie as good as gold! So a great time was had by all!

Here are the pictures that I did get. Jia is wearing the first outfit she ever picked out for herself and she was feeling very pretty!

Happy fourth of July, it is truly an honor to live in the United States of America!

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