Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Little Miss Jia is always funny, but recently she has had us on the floor laughing.

Last night at dinner: "Dad, I want a drum" translation: Please give me the drumstick of the chicken you are carving.

Drew teasing Jia: "Dad, you can go sleep in the gym"

Looking at my ears: "Mom, why you have 2 holes? (I explain) asked her if she wanted two, she said "no holes in ears, I want mine closed like Dad's"

There is an exact way you have to say "I love you" to Jia:

Jia: "i love you Mom"
Lesa: "i love you too, Jia"
Jia: "i love you too, Mom
Lesa: "i love you Jia"

Depending on the sister who is being nice to her: "You my best friend, Anna" "You not my best friend Katie"
(she loves to "tell" on her sisters)

When she is done eating she says "I like it, I no like it" translation: she has had enough but it was good and she liked it.

"I joke": "I didn't really mean it.

She models on the "cat walk", is never scared of the dark-she goes to bed without being asked twice and she sometimes closes the door.

The other day we heard a whistle, we went into her room and she is standing there in shorts, a white shirt, sneakers and socks, a whistle and Drew's school name ID around her neck and say "I not Jia, I coach".

She constantly delights us!

STAY TUNED: Jia has a date with Parker on Friday (both families are going to see Ice Age in 3-D) She was allowed to pick out a new outfit all by is something to see...

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