Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Summer

My precious girls

Looking like twins? I love these girls!!

Anna-is she holding on because she can't swim?...hee hee!

Katie-this is Drew's birthday present. You put the ipod on in the house and this plays the songs in the pool.

Anna touches a stingray "they feel like velvet"

Don't think she would be so calm if she were in the water with the ray

Anna feeding a sweet little dolphin. Anna loved this!

Happy to see Anna or the bowl of fish she was holding?

Making friends!

Apprehensive...Am I ready?

Well, we are winding down with the summer, but still have pictures of summer fun.

Last Thursday Anna and Drew went to Sea World (about 200 miles away, it is right where Disney World is) Katie and I didn't want to go and Jia couldn't go because the trip was solely to ride the roller coasters. The great thing about Sea World is that teachers get into the park for free, so that was nice.

Although Anna went to ride the rides it turns out she was more excited about her encounters with the dolphins, the stingrays and the sharks. She got to feed the dolphins and was quite excited about that. Seeing that I didn't take the pictures, there are no human faces in the shots.

We also have some pictures of our lazy day in the pool today. Jia always has to have every plastic toy known to man in the pool with her, so it usually looks like the beach aisle at Target. But she is happy.

If you are inclined please say a prayer for one of my best students ever--Grady. He is in Germany but is being deployed (?) to Iraq.....

What about school?
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......I'm in denial.


Mary McG in TN said...

That is a beautiful picture of you! Ah, school ... the teachers started the 3rd, students on the
6th and full time starting tomorrow, the 10th!!! TN has begun school.

NICOLE said...

Your blog puts a huge smile on my face. Best wishes for a glorious new school year. xoxo, Nic