Friday, August 21, 2009

Jia visits many schools....

Jia and her teacher Mrs. Castillo

Jia and Dad fill out some papers

Mom and Jia fill out some more papers!

Mrs. Parnham-ready for Monday?

Jia visits Miss Leslie- her preschool teacher

Miss Leslie kept holding Jia and crying

Miss Madeline, Jia's other preschool teacher

The girls worked really hard to get Mom's room ready to go!

This week was planning week for Drew and I. The girls came with me to my school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Katie and Jia went with Drew on Thursday, and Anna stayed with me again. All of the girls were a HUGE help in getting things prepared.

Today was a big day for Jia! We started out with a Meet & Greet at Silver Palms where Jia is going to attend Kindergarten again--the good news, she has the same teacher, which is what we were hoping for. The truly odd news is that there is another Jia in her class! The other Jia is also adopted from China. We kind of wished they had put her in another class as we think this will be confusing for both girls, but it might also be a good thing.

After that Jia and her sisters came to my school and helped a little more. When we went out for lunch I suprised Jia and took her to her pre-school to see her teachers there. She has not been back in over a year. Her teacher Miss Leslie (this is the angel that carried Jia around in that cast) cried when she saw Jia and said that Jia was the most special student she ever had and that she would always be her favorite. God gave us Miss Leslie to help Jia when we were in need, because there are not too many people that would have done for Jia what she did. The other teacher Miss Madeline was also there and so happy to see her.

Then, back to my school once again, this time for an Ice Cream Social that they have for the teachers each year. I think Jia and Anna ate 100 gummy bears along with the ice cream.

Now--I need a prayer for Monday morning when the kids show up.

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