Thursday, November 27, 2008


Bennyfoo is hoping for a seat at the table

We never get the whole family at one time

The Parnham Women!

Jia said "I'll just wait here so I don't
break anything" Wise beyond
her years!

Jia and her turkey candles

Earlier in the day, Bennyfoo doesn't
mind if it is cooked or not.

Katie was totally unsuspecting!

Next year, maybe it will be Dad's turn!

Jia doesn't have a clue!

We are not mature people in our 40's and I think that is a good thing. We do silly things that we think are hilarious but most people will probably think are odd. So be it....

When Anna and Katie were about 2 we started the raw turkey tradition. Every Thanksgiving morning Drew picks an unsuspecting victim to sneak up on and put the turkey on them! The victim is usually scared and angry and the rest of us laugh like baboons.

This year we had two recipients, first of all, the unsuspecting Jia, who was not amused, and then we got Katie who was so immersed in a game of "Mario Kart" she didn't even see us coming (that's what she gets for gluing her eyes to the tv for too long!)

A more normal tradition is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and waving like crazy at Santa who is at the end of the parade bringing in the Christmas season. Jia is convinced that Santa was waving directly at her!

Later we took our Christmas pictures, I think they came out really well, but with such beautiful subjects it was a sure thing.

We had the traditional turkey dinner, but had to wait until the Jonas Brothers sang at half time of some football game (for those that aren't 14, or haven't spoken to Anna lately, they are her equivalent of Elvis or the Beatles)

During our blessing this year, Jia was able to contribute what she was thankful for--her family! HEY! that's us...WhooooHooooo! We also get a little silly with the food, Jia made Orphan Annie eyes with her biscuits and I had a huge stuffing mustache. We also set some napkins on fire (accidentally or on purpose...hmmmmm....)

We completely understand that most of you had a much more dignified dinner tonight, but please don't think for a moment that we aren't all aware of the huge blessings Our Lord has bestowed upon us....

Please pray for Parker's Daddy, Mark, who is my friend Diane's husband. He was in a serious motorcross (?) accident and has a number of broken bones, a punctured lung and other assorted injuries.

BTW: Parker did call Jia today to tell her he loved her, too cute.

Much love to you all,

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