Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well our school year is in full swing, especially with SPORTS, SPORTS and more SPORTS! Anna, Jia and Drew go to the Flanagan High School football every Friday night. Jia loves it! Meanwhile Katie and I go to a leisurely dinner and then prowl around Barnes and Noble. This way everyone is happy.

Drew and I are still coaching the Walter C. Young Middle School Girls Soccer team, even though we no longer have kids attending my school. They loved Drew so much they begged him to come back. Last, but certainly not least, Anna is trying out for the Flanagan VARSITY soccer team this week and next. We are all keeping our fingers crossed, but she is such a great soccer player we have every confidence in her ability.

Both Anna and Jia will also play for the rec league but that doesn't start until December. Drew will be Jia's coach, so he gets to start all over again with the little ones! Anna is going to be his Assistant Coach so that she can get community service hours. Me, I'll just be driving people from one event to another, but that is such a good thing!

Along with sports pictures, I have included some of Jia and Anna going to the Disney on Ice Show. A good time was had by all.

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