Sunday, June 26, 2011

Timmy Comes To Miami

Meeting Tim

Tim reading Jia's letter

Tim shaking my hand

I think this is Tim reading Jia-s letter again
The back of my head-formally known as Miami hair, just keeps getting
bigger and bigger!

Okay, he's handsome too!

The autograph, which now goes to Gainesville so Anna
can get some strategic poses

We waited in a 1,000 person line in the horrible humidity of Miami's trendiest bookstore (Books and Books) to meet and have books signed by Tim Tebow. Everyone inline was either Gatored-out or Broncoized (made up my own words) way more Gators. It was an EXTREME struggle for me as it was like waiting in line for a Disney World line. Twice my legs went out, thank goodness for my wonderful (and strong) husband.

Ok, so we all know this post is going to be soooo biased. I just love this boy, such great values, the fact that he is a phenomenal athlete only touches the surface of this boy. He is devout Christian that is not ashamed to let the world know, his Father and Mother are missionaries in the Philippines and Tim was actually born there. he goes there in the summer for mission trips.

When we did meet him Jia had written him a letter "Dear Tim Tebow: I was born in China, but I am home now. I am going to Alligator College, I love you, Ji-Lia Parnham. He stopped to read her letter, tell her it was awesome and did the "Gator Chomp" with her, then he complemented me on my t-shirt which said "Gators for Broncos" He said "I've never seen that one yet". He stopped to take pictures of everyone, unfortunately Katie didn't really have a great camera spot, but it was worth it all.

Said it before, I'll say it again, read this book! It is called "Through my Eyes" and no, I don't get any profit from this endorsement...

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