Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Jia making all her wishes come true

Sponge Bob Cake

Jia and Katie at the Museum of Science and Discovery

Pretty Presents from Nona and Grandpa

Jia at the museum of Science and Discovery

Jia fixing her puppy in her new Vet station
She also got a Build a Bear credit card
so she can have more animals to take care of.
She also has her Dr. scrubs Halloween costume
(she found that and put it on later)

Our three miracle children
In Jesus' name we thank YOU

Random picture: You may think this is a rainy day in South Florida
Instead it is the Everglades burning 5 miles from our home, complete with choking burning
taste and ash flying around our heads...

Jia's birthday was assigned to her by the government of China-June 18. (tucked right in there with Fathers Day insuring that I will never have an Anniversary again-June 20 we are at 18 years!!)
Drew and I will be traveling to Gainesville (Go Gators!) on the actual day, so we celebrated yesterday. Here are some pictures of her perfect day!

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