Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Angels

Everyone knows what special children Drew and I have been blessed with. For the last two weeks they have been volunteering at the Salvation Army Tree in the mall. If you are not familiar with this, the angels are needy children who have been asked what their "dream wish" toy would be, this is placed on a card along with the childrens' clothing size. The angel cards are placed on a Christmas tree in the mall and people come and "adopt" a child. When they are done shopping they bring the presents (usually the toy and a bunch of clothes) back to the mall and they are bagged and labeled for the needy children.

Anna and Katie still have one day left to volunteer for this-December 12, which is the last day for the project. THEN they will be working at "Sorting Saturday" to help distribute food to the needy.

Our girls realize that their lives could have turned out very differently and they are very thankful for what they have.

More importantly, Drew and I realize that OUR lives could have turned out very differently without the blessing of our beautiful girls, and thank God every day for giving us the right family. Sometimes His ways are roundabout, but He always knows what is best.

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dennicapearl said...

your daughters are absolutely beautiful (:

your comment on the children's beauty pageant post is what really should embody the sentiment of most parents!

all i know is, if i ever become a mother with such beautiful children, i'll follow your strong opinion and example. in accordance to your blog, you all are doing great :]

thanks for being an inspiration.

- dennica pearl