Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The Cutest Picture Ever!

Thank you El!

These photos created quite a controversy as I had them planned for the beach (note the sea and sand colors?) We also had our wonderful friend Ellen agree to take them for us, so we could actually have the 5 of us in one picture. (Someday, we will actually break down and use a professional photographer.) Anyway, we ended up in the same grassy spot we always use. (FYI: Jia is still afraid to let her bare feet touch grass, but she doesn't have a screaming fit over it anymore as long as someone carries her 7 YEAR OLD self through the wilds of Pembroke Pines.)

Anyway, here are some of the pictures we took and didn't use, also our Christmas card is at the top of this blog.

We thank Ellen for driving all the way out here to take these pics.

OH, and if you look at our Blessed by Three blog pictures, they have been updated by the wonderful Tina at Tina@TheStoryofYou. If you ever want a professional blog with a beautiful look from a terrific person, please use Tina. A lot of her blogs are for the Chinese Adoption world, but she can really do whatever you want. Happy New Year, Tina!

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