Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Merry Christmas Eve from The Parnham Family

The Women of Parnham South
Anna didn't get the red and black memo

SHHHH! You'll wake up ANNA
Jia was sleeping like a log

My favorite Holiday of the year and I guess a lot of people don't even call it a Holiday. Everything is finished, the children are excited and we can sit back and enjoy the REAL relevance of the birth of Christ.

This year we attended a new church. I am very picky. I want something meaningful. Mega Churches are extremely uncomfortable to me. Growing up, church was very solemn and dignified. We had stained glass windows and pews, long lost hymns and stern pastors. Now I realize these things are few and far between, especially in South Florida. But we have been turned off by our regular church who have done the EXACT SAME Christmas Eve program three years running. Plus, I hate to say this but our pastor was less than inspiring.

Anyway, we went to a church that meets in a local middle school, it is very small and the pastor was EXTREMELY welcoming. His sermon brought tears to my eyes (really), the only thing I didn't care for was the BAND music, but as I said I am old fashioned. We didn't get to go this Sunday, but we will try it again this week.

After this we were treated to a wonderful dinner thanks to a gift card from our dearest friend Ellen. We ate so much we were stuffed, but still HAD to have dessert,because it was there, right?

Then home to put out chocolate chip cookies milk and reindeer feed out for Santa.

I think I got a little inkling through to Jia about baby Jesus even in her hard to understand world of Santa and presents.

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