Monday, July 12, 2010

Us Florida Girls Are Climbing Mountains!!

Katie and I posing in front of the Upper Falls.

We found an area where we could actually feel the water. It was soooo cold!

Me and Katie with our cousin Jake.

Again with Jake at the Lower Falls

In front of the falls with our cousins Mitchell, Jake, Shane and our auntie Shannon.

On Banff Ave there was a store and a Mounty Moose that Katie and I took a picture with.

I was dared to kiss it, so I did. Katie, on the other hand, chose not to.

It was decided on Saturday, July 10th, that we would take a trip up to Banff to hike up Johnston Canyon and knowing that there are absolutely no mountains in Florida, we were a bit nervous. We soon realized how hard it was going to be. Steep hills and lots of cliffs made it very difficult to climb because it hurt our feet and calves. The coolest part was seeing the waterfalls. They were so beautiful, the way they flowed down the rocks. I couldn't imagine anything greater. It was cool to feel the temperture drop as soon as you walked by the falls. There were two levels, the Lower Falls and the Upper falls. The Lower falls were so pretty and there was a little ledge made out from the rocks and we were so close to the falls and the water sprayed us a little which was refreshing. There was another level called the Inkpots but it was going to be another 2-3 hour climb from the Upper falls so we decided not to do it.
After we made it back down the Canyon we had lunch and then drove down to the gondolas and that was such an amazing thing to go on. My mom said that we have been on it before with her when we were younger but I do not remember that and I'm glad that she has remembered it and will be able to tell us the story for many years. Katie thought the gondola was a bit scary and didn't think it would be that stable but she lived through it.
We went back down the gondola and then went to Banff Ave where there are a bunch of shops and one shop we went into was a Cow store with a bunch of shirts that have slogans from different forms of entertainment like "Cow-Scene Investigation", Edward Cowlen (the shirt Katie got), Dairy Potter and the Udder of the Phoenix (Shane got this shirt), and the shirt I got, MooTube (instead of YouTube).
All in all this day was very fun and one Katie and I will both remember :)

Lots of Love,

Anna <3

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