Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Nook Drama

I think I told everyone that I saved up all of my Ebay money a few months ago and bought a Nook. It cost around $250 which was a lot of savings for me. When I got it I liked it but I am a serious reader and I love books, so there was a huge part of my mind that missed holding a book in my hand. However, it is really cool to browse through Barnes and Noble in the middle of the night (because you know I'm up) and instantly download a book. So there are pluses and negatives to my purchase.


The other night I am reading and I notice that my page turner had cracked--this is 4 months later, after suffering the indignity of the price going down ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS and with the lower price they give the buyer a $50 gift card.

Since I don't use the phone, Drew got on their service line and was told basically "too bad, customer misuse." I would have whimpered away and used my still functional Nook. Drew, on the other hand, called the same number back, got a new representative, who said it was a "common error with the page turner" YESSSSSS! They sent me a brand new Nook. I am really happy with the outcome and with the wonderfulness of my husband however is this a sign that there is no better way to read than to have a real book in your hands?

Speaking of books: phenomenal fiction: Little Bee by Chris Cleave, great for you and your book club.

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